Attorneys addicted to Drugs Part 1

Americas drug problem is well documented as well as the profits of American pharmaceutical companies. The American Justice system has notoriously convicted and sentenced small time street drug dealers to long prison terms for possessing small amounts of a control substance. 7 out of 10 of the men and women convicted are people of color, represented in court by white public defenders or white private attorneys. what is not published in the U.S media is the drug usage by some of the top lawyers working at the some of top law firms in world.

1. Wachtell

2. Quinn Emanuel

3. Kirkland

4. Paul Weiss

5. Sullivan & Cromwell

To get a job at any of these law firms, attorneys have to be willing to work at least 2500 hours a year sacrifice valuable family time meet high expectations. When you’re facing this type of pressure a cup of Coffee isn’t enough. Cocaine and prescription drugs is how they make it through their days, helping them to forget about the struggling marriages the lack of quality time spent the kids and the pressures of performing well.