Are Black People dumb voters?

How can you vote against a man thats trying to get health care for all and willing to fight against racial justice, housing insecurity and wealth disparity. Black people continues to kill themselves at the ballot box. Every four years Black people are deceived into believing that the democratic establishment is the party that will address the issues black people continue to face in America. Black people continue to follow the Martin Luther King I have a dream mentality, which haven’t gotten them anywhere. Blacks are still at the bottom economically. If Black people didn’t benefit economically by electing former president Barack Obama. How will They benefit by electing Joe Biden, who was Obama’s vice president. Whats not surprising is how the left leaning media and all the other democratic politicians are supporting Joe Biden. Black people in the southern states are still fearful of the white man and gullible to the democratic establishment. They will vote democratic even if Jesus ran as a republican or independent. The Black Church is the worse of all, they allow people like Joe Biden to Spread falsehoods to their congregation for Tv Time. Not surprising that the Black Church doesn’t teach their members that Jesus was a man of color. Most Black churches in America still have white Jesus paintings on their ceilings. Their is no science being used in the black church. The preachers and the reverends continue deceive the people on a weekly basis. No one is being taught the true history of their religion. The Black Church Is still scared, thats why our creator (God) will not allow any religious leader to performable any miracles or heal anybody.. Facts

Wake up