God never claimed a religion, why are we?

God never claimed a religion, why are we?

Question your religious Leader  Representatives for Reverend T.D Jakes pastor of The Potter’s House, a non-denominational American megachurch in Dallas Texas were asked why isn’t their any pictures of Jesus in their church, their answer was Jesus don’t have a color…. But not long ago they had a great big picture of the European looking […]

Immigration in America

American Media outlets aren’t being truthful about American immigration Problems and are being paid not to be truthful. America does have  a immigration problem but Mexico and other south and central American country citizens aren’t the only ones entering uninvited and remaining.  Jewish People our entering U.S and given citizenship at record numbers. The numbers […]

Democracy in America

Only a few countries on the planet haven’t been fooled, deceived, bullied, tricked, hoaxed, duped, took in, mislead, hoodwinked, suckered, bluffed, gulled; swindled, defrauded, cheated, double-crossed or conned into the united states false identity of being a democratic nation. If we take a brief look at the U.S history there’s undoubtedly  nothing democratic about its […]

Who Is: Juan Guaido

This shows what type of country the United States is: U.S main stream Media is supporting the overthrowing of democratically elected  President. This Guy Needs to be arrested and put under the jail for attempting to destroy his country. How would he feel if he was the sitting president and a president from another country […]

U.S supremacy only exist in fearful nations

 U.S supremacy only exist in fearful nations United States supremacy only exist in places where fear and  ignorance exist. Russia has only 1/3 of U.S  population but the people and the government has taken chances that has paid off tremendously for their Nation. God Bless Russia…China Has become Less fearful and much, much smarter in […]

Apple : FaceTime glitch gives access to all your whereabouts and communications to anybody that calls your phone.

Instead of speculating rather or not apple corporate team knew about its “FaceTime” glitch our concerns should be how could they not know. Security is everything,  the developers of this technology had to have tested  “facetime” functionality hundreds if not thousands of times before it was approved, prepared and sold to consumers Globally. Corruption is […]

Attorneys addicted to Drugs Part 1

Americas drug problem is well documented as well as the profits of American pharmaceutical companies. The American Justice system has notoriously convicted and sentenced small time street drug dealers to long prison terms for possessing small amounts of a control substance. 7 out of 10 of the men and women convicted are people of color, […]

Overthrowing other People Governments is routinely practiced by the United States Government.

Evil unveils itself when America’s interest is challenged. The U.S supposedly a Christian Nation leads the world in evil deeds. While U.S is currently building a wall to keep venezuelians out of the United States Immigrant Senators like Marco Rubio”Lil Marco” is stirring up rhetoric to gain support to send American troops to Venezuela to […]